2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival

The 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival ran November 11th through 28th, 2021 offering a virtual festival with over 90 films in ten programs, including four select programs broadcasting live from the historic Brava Theater, hosted by Q Wilson with special guests Nan Kinney, Robert Adams, and Jenni Olson. Virtual special guests included Lotus Lain and Lynn Lowry. [Press Release]


SFPFF 2021 Photo Gallery


Official Selections

2 or 3 things I like about him (Paul Stümke/feuer.zeug, 15 min. Germany)
42 Days (Nat Portnoy, 11 min. Poland)
All of Me (Morgana Muses, Josie Hess, 15 min. Australia)
ATARDECER (Sunset) (Blanca ReyGal, 7 min. Mexico)
Avery Jane (Inka Winter, 32 min. USA)
Baby You’re Frozen (Sadie Lune, 19 min. USA/Germany)
Better Than Clean (Torri Lisek, 11 min. Germany)
Between Us (Between Us Collective, 6 min. Austria)
BIODILDO (Christian Slaughter, 11 min. Germany)
Black Sex Magic (BEYONDEEP Productions, 8 min. USA)
Box of Laughter (Maria Beatty, 18 min. USA)
Breathe (Goodyn Green, 20 min. Germany)
BUBBLICIOUS (Courtney Trouble, 26 min. Germany)
Bull King Husband (NVS, 22 min. Taiwan)
Chemistry Eases the Pain (Shine Louise Houston, 41 min. USA)
Cobwebs (Dwam, 15 min. France)
Cravings (afterglow, 9 min. USA)
Dic Pic Picnic (Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, 2 min. Germany)
Divine Rites (Four Chambers, 14 min. United Kingdom)
Don’t Be a DICK! (Amir Ovadia Steklov, 10 min. Germany)
Dyspnea (Viola V, 3 min. Australia)
EEG Orgy (Almond Linden, 66 min. Germany)
Elemental (Julia Patey, 11 min. Germany)
Equation to an Unknown (Dietrich de Velsa/Altered Innocence, 99 min. France)
Every Cut Is A Lie (Wavey Davey, 25 min. USA)
Exhibitionists (EDIY Porn, 10 min. Brazil)
Feel You (Pablo Trujillo Tobaria, 11 min.)
Feels Good to be Sadomasochist (EDIY Porn, 11 min. Brazil)
Fisherman (Nicky Miller, 10 min. Germany)
Fluid Bound (Roberto Fatal, 7 min. USA)
For AE with Love (Maryann Peony, 6 min. Germany)
for me (alone) (Henrik Seidel, 20 min. Germany)
Forbidden Letters (Arthur J. Bressan Jr., 70 min. USA)
Fuses (Four Chambers, 7 min. United Kingdom)
Hard at Work (AORTA Films, 12 min. USA)
Hole Theory (AORTA Films, 11 min. USA)
HOLOGANG (Paulita Pappel, Rod Wyler/HardWerk Studios, 32 min. Germany)
Holy Mouth (Morgana Mayer, 6 min. Italy)
Input Error (Katy Bit, Officer Flower, 14 min. Germany)
It’s Complicated (Ms Naughty, 15 min. Australia)
La Limpia (Ramses Rodstein, 5 min. USA)
Les Retrouvailles (The Reunion) (Ivan Sobris, 14 min. France)
Letting Go (Finn Peaks, 11 min. Germany)
Little Mary (Jo Pollux, 9 min. Germany)
Love Hard: Smile (Sensate Films, 9 min. Australia)
Loved Him (Wavey Davey, 18 min. USA)
Lovers/Husbands (Menelas, 9 min. Greece)
Lucifer Leather Lust (Carlos Deth, 16 min. USA)
Mathilde (Thousand Faces, 11 min. UK)
Matinée (Jennifer Lyon Bell, 33 min. Amsterdam)
Matzo Maidels (Jenni Olson, Monica Nolan, 5 min. USA)
Mental Poem (EDIY Porn, 5 min. Brazil)
Missing You (Minnie Scarlet, 14 min. USA)
NatiAnal Pornographic (Diego Tigrotto, 5 min. Italy)
Oink! (Rob Eagle, Liz Rosenfield, João Florêncio, 22 min. UK)
One Last Time (Olympe de G., 72 min. France)
Polyamory The Musical (Inka Winter, 5 min. USA)
Pops’ Corn (Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, 4 min. Germany)
Possession (altSHIFT, 9 min. UK)
Progressive Touch (Michael Portnoy, 14 min. Austria)
Pulse Porn (Almond Linden, 35 min. Germany)
Rising Sun Blues (Sura Hertzberg, Marion Hill (DOP), 5 min. USA)
Rubber (altSHIFT, 7 min. UK)
Ruptured (Max Disgrace, 15 min. UK)
Safe is Desire (Debi Sundahl/Fatale Media, 46 min. USA)
Safeword: 8 (Carmina, 16 min. France)
Score (Radley Metzger, 87 min. USA)
Sea Breeze (Ben Berlin, 8 min. Germany)
Seen Not Heard (Royal Fetish Films, 50 min. USA)
Sex Novo (Sex in the Background) (Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli, 10 min. Italy)
Snack Time (House of Huitlacooch, 5 min. USA)
Soaking (Torri Lisek, 7 min. Germany)
Sovereign Sex (Daemon Derriere, 14 min. USA)
Taking the Piss, I Shit You Not (abcde Flash, 6 min. Switzerland)
Tapedeck (Morgana Mayer, 13 min. Italy)
Tatami (Katie Kinako, 26 min. Japan)
Tears for Water (Scumtrust Productions, 4 min. USA)
Teat Beat of Sex, Episodes 1 (Signe Baumane, 4 min. USA)
The Empress (Lauren West, 3 min. USA)
The End of Cruising: Gay Sex Vortex (Todd Verow, 4 min. USA)
The End of Cruising: Meat Rack (Todd Verow, 3 min. USA)
The End of Cruising: That Look (Todd Verow, 11 min. USA)
The MILF Next Door (Sadie Lune, 28 min. Germany)
The Mirror (Toni Karat, 4 min. Germany)
The Receiver (Salty Chéri, 32 min. Germany)
Tie Me Up (Inka Winter, 10 min. USA)
Tied (Spark Erotic, 32 min. USA)
Trans-cendent Delight (Jaq Quicksilver, 8 min. USA)
Transcendent Bodies (Barbara Carrellas, 43 min. USA)
Vaginas (Andreia Dobrota, 1 min. Netherlands)
Vivante (Anoushka, 91 min. USA)
Werkhalle 9 (Theo Meow, 19 min. Germany)
What You Didn’t Steal From Me (Kitty Rodé, 4 min. Canada)
Wild Card (Jennifer Lyon Bell, 32 min. Netherlands)
Wrong With You (Tim Best, 4 min. USA)