Our festival strives to be as accessible to as many audiences as possible, despite barriers of budget and technological services that prohibit sexually explicit content.

We believe that describing what services are — and are not — available can help audiences plan ahead in considering individual access needs. Listing these areas helps us identify the areas where we can improve. It may also serve to educate other festival organizers who may not have considered these needs, thus having a positive impact on future screenings for all audiences.

Open and Closed Captioning

Open Captioning is available in English for d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing viewers during all livestreamed films.

All on-demand titles will have Closed Captioning available to turn on or off in “CC” menu of the film’s video player. If a film description states “no dialogue” then it might not include captioning. A few films have English subtitles burned into the video.

Captioning of live talks is not available at this time. Recorded talks will be provided with Closed Captioning in English and available to stream on-demand during RE/PLAY, August 19th through 31st.

Global Languages

Translation of this website is available in over 100 languages using Google Translate. Select your preferred language from the list at the bottom right corner of each web page.

Our newsletter, social media, and customer support is currently only in English. We will do our best to accommodate translations.

Screen Readers

Our website is accessible to screen readers and is mobile responsive on most devices.

Audio Descriptions

Audio descriptions (live, recorded, or VTT) for blind/visually-impaired audiences are not available at this time.

Content Notes and Tags

We include #tags in film descriptions to highlight strong situations that some viewers may wish to avoid if it makes them uncomfortable or invokes previous trauma. To prevent potential issues, we advise that audiences review the program notes and observe a film’s run-time and program order so that they can ‘skip’ films as needed.

Flashing and Strobing Images

Flashing images and strobing lights can be seizure-inducing for some viewers. If a film contains such visuals, a Content Note will appear in the film description.

Theater venue accessibility

The main stage has 360 seats (Orchestra 250 including 6 wheelchairs accessible) and 110 in the Mezzanine. For more information, please visit Brava.org.