Theatrical Festival Information

When is the festival?

The festival’s in-person events are Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th. Online events span Friday, August 16th through Saturday, August 31st. Our timezone is Pacific Time. If you’re watching from another timezone, please make note of the time difference. Here’s a helpful conversion link.

Where is the festival?

The festival’s in-person programs are at the Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street in San Francisco, California.

What are the theater’s COVID Guidelines?

We will observe COVID guidelines in accordance with the Brava Theater and the State of California.

Is the theater venue accessible?

The main stage has 360 seats (Orchestra 250 including 6 wheelchairs accessible) and 110 in the Mezzanine. For more information, please visit Brava.org.

Virtual Festival Information

Is the streaming live? Will it be recorded to watch later?

Viewers log in to watch a live broadcast of film programs and real-time Q&A and filmmaker talks.

If you miss a program, don’t worry. All programs will be recorded and available for 2 weeks streaming on-demand August 18th through 31st.

Will I be visible to other viewers?

You will not be ‘on camera’ or seen by other attendees. If you wish to participate in the text chat, others will see your username and posts.

Is it private and secure?

We do not store personal or payment info. You may use a pseudonym for your username and any email address you wish. Our chat is hosted by moderators and we ask that users be respectful. If a user’s actions are deemed inappropriate they will be given a warning with a temporary posting block, or suspended.

Is the festival accessible?

Films include English subtitles. For more information about accessibility, please visit our Accessibility page.

Can I watch it online from my country?

If you are able to see this website, you’ll be able to watch! To the best of our knowledge, we are accessible to all countries. Please note the time difference so you do not miss a show!

Can I watch it on my phone or tablet? Can I watch it on my TV?

Our website is mobile responsive for phones and tablets. To watch on a television screen, mirror your display screen using AirPlay or another screen to screen app. Here are some helpful tips. You may also want to pull out your projector and some popcorn!

How do I get a Virtual Film Pass?

To watch online, get a “Virtual Festival Pass” for online-only programs, or an “All Access Festival Pass” for both online and in-person programs here. All ticket holders with virtual access will receive an email on Friday, August 16th with login information to view our platform’s streaming page.

What will show up on my billing report?

Charges will appear as: “BoldTypeTickets: SFPFF”

How do I log in to watch?

Check your email for a link to create your account. You’ll use your account to log into our website and view video-on-demand special selections and livestream events.

Can multiple people watch through my account?

Each account will accommodate up to 5 IP Addresses. Please note: each account is attached to only one username and email address.

Question not answered here? Contact us.